Do you remember the Boston Tea Party?

  • May 10th, 1773 – the Tax Act was passed
  • December 16, 1773 – our forefathers made history by throwing a whole shipment of tea into the Boston harbor; a symbolic act to show the British government how they felt about the Tea Act. They were tired of a government that taxed them but gave them no representation in Parliament.

Does this sound familiar?

The voices of the majority of Iowans are being ignored. We’re being ignored in the Iowa Legislature and we’re being ignored in DC. It was wrong 200 years ago and it’s still wrong today.

  • Trump should release his taxes
  • Funding Planned Parenthood
  • Common sense gun control
  • Funding Iowa schools
  • An independent investigation into Russia
  • And many others

These are not partisan issues.  These are things that a clear majority of Iowans believe.  We’ve all been contacting our reps, and we’re being ignored.  That is taxation without representation.


Some of our State Representatives, Senators and Congressmen are HIDING from us like small children hiding under the covers from the imagined boogeyman in the closet.

All of our Republican reps are refusing to listen to their constituents because they don’t want to hear what we are saying.

We need to get their attention!

Americans who have never been involved in politics before are taking to the streets and protesting! We cannot lose our energy. We must continue to stand up and fight for the America that we believe in.

Today we have the ability to deal with these unfaithful politicians in ways our forefathers could never have imagined.

Through our collective voices we have the ability to show them that we are tired of their actions, tired of their lies and constant inability to look past their own beliefs and focus on the greater good.

To show our government our concern for how the country is currently being run we will use our voices.

Join Us for the Great Tea Dump

On May 10th, 2017, the anniversary of the Tea Act of 1773, we will be participating in The Great Tea Party of 2017. We will brew a cup of tea and dump it on the ground to symbolize the historic act of resistance that helped set our country into motion.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. RSVP here
  2. Identify the issue you want to talk about
  3. Get your tea – a cup, bottle, pitcher, tea bag or loose tea
  4. Make a video telling the world why you are participating, while dumping out the tea.   Suggested text: “In the spirit of the Boston Tea Party I’m dumping this tea to protest the fact that my Republican Senators and Representatives are ignoring the voices of the Iowans they are supposed to represent.  They are not just ignoring the voices of the resistance, they are ignoring the voices of all Iowans, and it has to stop.”
  5. Share it on Facebook and Twitter using #dumpthetea, and tag 3 other friends who are also frustrated at not being represented
  6. Tag your Republican reps and let them know this is in their honor

Extra Credit Actions

  1. Share your video on the public Action Iowa page
  2. Tweet your video to @Action_Iowa
  3. Search for search for #dumpthetea on Twitter and Facebook and share with others