Action Iowa – Phase 2

Action Iowa began around the time of the election and we were focused on bringing people together in an organized manner to help them take action against the destructive policies both in DC and here in Iowa. We continued to organize people and promoted town halls, etc, and registered as an Indivisible group as soon as it became available since we were already following many of those principles.

We are in a DC session break and the Iowa legislature is nearly over, so it seems like a good time to introduce everyone to phase 2 of Action Iowa. It’s no longer just about resisting and attending town halls.

Over the last several months leaders have been having discussions with other groups, and our chapter leaders, to identify how we can have the most impact that will lead to the kind of progressive change we all want to see.

-We will continue to support each other, and resist, but we will also shift towards a united vision to move us into a place where change happens – the polls.

-We will begin actively working on the 2018 mid-term elections. This will include registering voters, working to flip districts from red to blue, assisting post-primary campaigns, and working against opposition campaigns.

-We will mobilize volunteers into the areas of the community that have been impacted by the state’s terrible legislation.

-We are also in the process of obtaining our 501c4. We will lobby our lawmakers and they will listen to us.

-Our website is being updated to list all of our chapter leaders and we will post the information here and on our public facing page. If you have not yet “liked” the public state page, you can do that here:

We are excited to share the phase 2 vision of Action Iowa with you!

To kick off phase 2, we are forming several state-wide committees. We do still have some existing committees from earlier in our life span, but due to time constraints (and the Iowa legislature), those have had varying levels of success. We tried to do several things before we had the capacity to make them happen. Now, we’re ready to make things happen.

We are now relaunching committees and already have a stable of leaders committed to leading.

We need members and leaders to sign up for Action Groups to resist and to move us forward.

We will keep our chapters intact and will work with chapter leaders to organize cohesive and locally targeted actions.

We must be organized.

We hope to work with many other groups across the state and look forward to coordinating efforts.


With that in mind, anyone can join our Action Groups. If you are a member of a different group and want to coordinate efforts and resources, please have your other members fill out the Google form.

If you are in another group and want to coordinate actions, please reach out to

Please join us in phase 2 of Action Iowa and sign up for action groups here:…/19LO0hQ3UXDLMiBDGNgfiKpMlq0hwpk_3…

Are you ready to start working toward something positive instead of just resisting? Let’s get started!

Elizabeth Dinschel
Gail Ramberg