About Action Iowa

Action Iowa is leading progressive resistance and change in Iowa

We began as a chapter of Pantsuit Nation

Now we’re 8,000+ Iowans committed to taking action

  • State level action items
  • Chapter level committees – working locally and coordinating state-wide
  • Active chapters in Des Moines, Johnson County, Pella, Sioux City, with 8 additional regional groups
  • Member of Indivisible

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Action Iowa Committees

  • Education- Fight for Iowa schools and national legislation
  • Human Rights- Will fight discriminatory actions and fight for sanctuary cities, counties, and a state.
  • Common Sense Gun Laws- Advocate for sensible gun laws
  • Healthcare- Includes women’s reproductive rights, fighting for ACA, and ending Medicare privatization in Iowa
  • Labor- Prevent minimum wage “uniformity,” advocate for state worker’s bargaining rights, fight for 15
  • Women in Politics- Advocate for women to have a voice in Iowa politics and support women candidates
  • Environmental- Advocate for clean water, fight climate change, fight for renewable energy, anti-DAPL and fossil fuel
  • National and Iowa Legislature- keep track of legislation and availability of representatives in their Iowa offices, etc.
  • Advocacy- Research and develop training and mentoring activities with legislators, experts, develop resources for interacting with representatives, write sample phone and letter scripts for legislative actions, etc
  • Organize Chapter Activities- Ideas: Outreach dinners with members outside of your area, support local organizations as needed, tour the state capitol, plan a monthly day of volunteer action
  • Writing- Commit to writing 5 letters per week to representatives from directed actions
  • Calling- Commit to calling 5 representatives per week from directed actions
  • Administrative- schedule meetings, help chapters and state as needed
  • Social Media/Communications- connect to, and monitor, other Facebook/Twitter groups, and connect/promote with news outlets
  • Research- Gather and organize material to create resources for the chapters/state
  • Teams focused on each of our elected officials

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